ADDM get Flat Out On Yas Island F1 Circuit

Published on Jun 2, 2010

At the F1 purpose built Yas Island Circuit in Abu Dhabi, participants collaborated in teams to construct a lifesize F1 car from a flat pack kit. After decorating their cars, teams were able to race their cars against other team's cars around the Yas Island F1 track!

As the exclusive licensed partners of Catalyst team building products in UAE, Biz Events jumped on the opportunity to offer F1 Challenge to their clients in Abu Dhabi during F1 season. Circuit owners, ADMM, were so impressed with the Flat Out F1 Challenge that they will be offering it to their clients, with the added prize of the members of the winning team at each event getting a drive round the track in a Porsche sports car! Brmm! Brmm!

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